Given a complex RTL design, the related UPF generation process is usually tedious and time consuming. 

STAR provides a user-friendly wizard to generate a correct-by-construction UPF code which is concise and readable. 


Key Capabilities

  • Complete UPF support (up to 3.0)
  • Unified power-intent and logic design databases
  • Create complete UPF descriptions from scratch 
  • Easy selection of RTL elements to be included in UPF commands
  • Power State Table visualization
  • Re-generate same power intent in different UPF versions
  • Clean and reload power-intent database without having to reload RTL


  • Increase productivity when managing complex design and UPF databases
  • Help non-UPF experts, efficiently generate complex UPF code 
  • Provide correct-by-construction UPF commands 


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