To make the pre-synthesis SoC integration process efficient and cost-effective, Defacto’s SoC Compiler provides a rich set of APIs which are accessible to a large number of users: RTL designers, architects, design verification engineers, power and clock management teams, DFT engineers and back-end engineers.
The provided APIs are either high or low-level according to the user needs with a high level of customization.
High-level APIs are dedicated to end-users with the support of several scripting languages: Python, Tcl, Perl, etc.
Low-level APIs are more dedicated to CAD teams who need to access the internal datastructure of SoC Compiler to better customize the flow for end users. Among the supported low-level languages are C++ and Java.



    • Accelerate software development by allowing developers to devote their time to meet software requirements
    • Unify design data extraction through common APIs
    • Easily migrate internal scripts and applications
    • Improve the efficiency of creating new applications
    • Help focusing on application requirements instead of the application infrastructure
    • Portable solutions, from one design cycle to the next and across multiple projects



    • Provide unique customization capabilities
    • User-friendly multi development language API
      • C++, Java, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, Python
    • Cost-effective custom EDA tool development
      • File_list support for simplified RTL input management
      • Common database and language independent API for any RTL format (Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL)
      • Design hierarchy handling
      • Advanced API for connectivity handling
    • Easy plug-in development and integration with other tools


Typical Applications

    • Connectivity extraction
    • Implementation of custom DRC engine for RTL quality verification & fixing
    • SoC topology (hierarchy information) extraction
    • RTL build and Integration
      • Top level generation starting from sub-modules RTL definition
      • IP integration using RTL and/or IP-XACT descriptions
      • Design Manipulation


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