We are organizing a 30mn customer presentation at the Defacto booth (#667) by Tuesday June 4th at 2:00PM. 

Title: “A unified design data consistency & coherency checking solution”
Presenter: Design Manager @ TOP10 Fabless company

Summary: With the increasing complexity of design databases for large IPs & SoCs and the variety of multi-domain design standards, coherency checking between different design files for standards like RTL, UPF, Liberty, IPXACT, SDC, LEF/DEF, etc. is becoming a real challenge. On the top of Defacto’s “Build & Signoff” SoC design solution, this presentation illustrates the cost-effectiveness of an API-based checking solution that reduce significantly the coherency checks effort and also help monitoring real-time any mismatches between multi-source files.


  IP Validation 


IP Validation - Design Centric Multi-View Checks

  • All checks are design centric
  • RTL or gate-level design description is the golden view
  • Library view is verified against design description
  • Supported format: SDC, UPF, LEF, LIB

Coherency Check

  • Quickly pinpoint inconsistencies
    • Syntax and parsing issues
    • Unmatched objects / commands
    • Quality checks (clocks, constraints on hierarchical pins)
  • Intuitive power-intent schematics linked with std logic design schematics
    • Hierarchical of flat power-intent representation
    • Power State Table visualization
  • Early validation of SDC against Design
    • Opportunity to fix Design or SDC



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