Chouki Aktouf, CEO of Defacto Technologies was interviewed by Gabrièle Saucier from Design and Reuse explaining the benefits of integrating IPs using SoC Compiler. 

Gabrièle Saucier - Design & Reuse
Hello, I have now the pleasure to be with the company which is a French company and even more, it's a company from Grenoble. So I'm more than happy and I could go forward. I am with the CEO of this company with Chouki Aktouf. And you know what? He was my student in the past. The company is managing now for 20 years it's called Defacto and initially they were specialists in test. So I followed them for years and I still saw there were test company. Today, this company is very very well known as a SoC Compiler company. So at the beginning you can say yet another one. Everybody knows what is our chair and going down this company has a nice design platform for assembling IP and I think Chouki will tell us why this platform is successful and what are these main advantages to use this platform. Please Chouki.


Chouki Aktouf - Defacto Technologies
Thank you very much Gabrièle, I appreciate. Actually you are really proud and have a chance today to expose our tool, our solution, our platform called SoC Compiler and actually this design solution which is used by most of the top semiconductor companies today helps before synthesis to manage the complexity of associates during the step where there is a need to insert IPs to, for example, insert the connectivity to manage beyond the RTL or the design collaterals. A solution which actually unify the way to assemble the way to assemble SoC and then deliver to synthesis tools to design verification tools all the files like the top level RTL, all the IP-XACT, the UPF and all what these kind of tools need. This actually helps containing the complexity and better kind of manage such a complexity. This is what actually, in summary, SoC Compiler is about.


Gabrièle Saucier - Design & Reuse
So when I say what's new, my question was are there people doing the same work? I was thinking about other companies. I don't know if you already have competitor in this field.


Chouki Aktouf - Defacto Technologies
It's a very, very good question, Gabriel. Thank you for bringing this, actually not directly I would say a platform which manages these kind of databases including RTL and all the complexity of the RTL : the Verilog, system Verilog, VHDL mix and not only the IP-XACT with all the standards, the UPF.
Usually we observe more internal tools and platforms that semiconductor companies try to put in place or put in place and then we help them migrate to get a kind of more mature, more stable, more extendable solution. But you're right, I mean we see some of the other tools.
That definitely overlap on some of the features, but in general we hope more kind of getting rid of internal platforms.


Gabrièle Saucier - Design & Reuse
OK. I understand very well. This was our experience with the reuse platform, our competitor where internal it should they develop themselves platform where they assemble, use all the tool or should they outsource and I think of course we think that outsourcing is more efficient because the company have a business which is not developing platform.
So finally I'm very enthusiastic that I think we should really watch this tool. It could be the standard for designing IC and really ,we will support you. So good luck. Thank you.


Chouki Aktouf - Defacto Technologies
Thank you.


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