Defacto experts will be exhibiting at IP-SoC 22 in Grenoble by next week. 

IP-SoC 2022 will be the 25th edition of the working conference fully dedicated to IP and IP based electronic systems.

The event is the annual opportunity for IP providers and IP consumers to share information about technology trends, innovative IP SoC products, Breaking IP/SoC News, Market evolution and more.

The Grenoble event where high level executives, market analyzer and technical experts in all the design track from Foundry, technology, design methodology, EDA tools share their vision about the future of the IP concept. 


Also, Chouki Aktouf, our CEO will be presenting a Unified methodology for SoC design assembly including logic, power and timing constraints. 


Chouki's presentation will focus on a unified methodology to build complex SoCs at the front-end by managing jointly several dimensions including logic, power intent and timing constraints. Such methodology is made possible thanks to unified data structure were an SoC is described by capturing simultaneously information given RTL description, UPF description, SDC description, etc. with open APIs to let designers extract information from such data structure and update them.


Unified design assembly means having the same level of automation when managing the SoC logic, the power intent, the timing constraints, etc.. During the assembly process, designers expect ease insertion of internal and third party IPS and promoting design information (RTL, IPXACT, UPF, SDC, ..) to the top level. Such a methodology also requires an underlining checking capabilities like coherency between different design files. To make such methodology real, advanced EDA tools and platforms are needed.


For More Information :

Contact us , Check the IP-SoC Agenda or Watch the recorded session