Grenoble, France : June 5th 2023

Save the date! Defacto will be celebrating its 20th anniversary when exhibiting at DAC this July 2023 in San Francisco! Several customer testimonials will be held every day at the Defacto booth (#1541) to showcase how Defacto’s design solution helps reducing engineering pain when building among the largest SoC chips in the market pre-synthesis.

Among Customer presentations several testimonies from TOP5 semiconductor companies. This Anniversary celebration will also coincide with major technical announcements of Defacto’s SoC Compiler V10 Major Release: performance improvement, Python-based higher automation, unified management of RTL, IP-XACT, UPF, SDC, LEF/DEF, etc. In addition, Defacto experts will present the new capabilities and features such as:

  • Press-button Subsystem generation of top-level RTL/IP-XACT, UPF, etc. given user XLS specification
  • Physical assistance to help RTL designers and SoC design architects capture physical design information and build physically-aware RTL, UPF, …
  • DFT and Test Point Exploration at RTL to automatically get the best tradeoff coverage/area when inserting test points while ensuring high test coverage figures.

To attend Defacto’s customer presentations and Release presentations, please contact Defacto on their website https://defactotech.com/contact



About Defacto’s SoC Compiler

Defacto’s SoC Compiler is a complete SoC integration platform, multi-dimensional and pre-synthesis with a high level of automation taking into consideration all the design information including RTL, IP-XACT, timing constraints, power, physical, and test. Before logic synthesis, SoC Compiler enables full implementation capabilities towards IP and connectivity insertion, design editing, and views generation with real-time monitoring of the integration progress. This enables SoC creation in minutes and maximizes design reuse from existing projects. In addition, several APIs are provided (Tcl, Python, C++, Java, etc.) to help in the development of internal and custom design platforms.


About Defacto Technologies

Founded in 2003, Defacto Technologies is a chip design software company providing breakthrough System on Chip design solutions to enhance design integration, design verification, and also the Signoff of IP cores, subsystems and large SoCs.

By adopting Defacto’s SoC Compiler design solutions, major semiconductor companies are continuously moving from traditional and painful SoC design tasks to a fully automated design methodology. The related ROI has been proven for hundreds of projects.


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